“I am a graduate student. I was struggling with organizing my time and prioritizing activities. We worked on a very specific moment when I was overwhelmed with many activities, and Jade helped me to prioritize and to overcome this situation. I now have a clearer idea of how to help myself in the future. “

—   Adult Graduate School client), Florida

“I am a school administrator who is also in graduate school. Organization, procrastination and a lack of resources, led me to Dr. Jade. My life was beyond hectic. I  am now more organized and try my best to complete tasks in a timely manner. I also have techniques to help balance my family’s needs, job needs, and personal needs. Everything was above my expectation and Dr. Jade was very flexible with her appointments so I could get sessions that fit in with my schedule.

—  Adult Graduate School Client, Georgia

“I saw you during my freshman year of college. Before working with you I was struggling a lot with managing my workload since it was a huge change from high school. I never really thought about my study techniques or tried new ones and I needed new ways to learn and study. I also had some trouble with managing my work and getting it done while still having time for fun activities outside of class.

Since we started working together I have found many new ways to study and I really think that the study cycle has helped me understand studying in a new way. I would often just re-read my notes or the book before a test and that wasn’t working effectively and I found out why through this course. I learned that variation and repetition is crucial when learning something and I was fortunate to be able to apply these tools when studying for finals. While I may not have mastered every technique that I learned since we started working together, I feel more confident and prepared going into my second semester. I think my weaknesses did change. I was having the most trouble when it came to studying for big tests but I learned many new ways to approach new and old material that will benefit me most when I am taking a test. I also feel more confident when it comes to setting goals, whether academic like joining a club or even outside like my baking passion.”

—  18-year-old college student client, California

“My son said working with you was intense since he only was signed up for a short period of time. But we needed him to improve very quickly. He needed to increase his grades in his senior year of school and learn how to manage his free time. By the end of our sessions, my son was confident, turning in all of his assignments, and went from failing 6 classes to getting B’s and A’s. He now also is able to study, gets his volunteer work done, and still has time for friends/family. He is now ready to turn in his college essays and has better chances of success. I am very pleased.” 

—  Mother of a 17-year-old high school student client, California

“Before I started working with you, I was struggling with: – time management – organization – procrastination – communication – and motivation. In the organization realm, I have become better at writing down my tasks and having some semblance of a routine. In the communication realm, I have become better about reaching out to peers for help, and to my professors about my ongoing situation. In the motivation realm, I discovered that many of my issues may have been related to studying in a field I am not suited for.

Dr. Jade’s structured and analytical way of getting to know a student is very effective, and it made the process streamlined without feeling clinical or distant. I appreciate all of the different assessments that taught me about my strengths and weaknesses, and well as some really effective study methods. Overall, I highly recommend Bright Balance to anyone who is looking to make a serious improvement on their academic habits.”

—   Adult Graduate Student Client, Florida

“Dr. Jade has been such a pleasure to work with! I had been feeling very lost in my current career and she has really helped me to zero in on what my skills are, what areas I would truly excel in, and also what work I would actually enjoy doing. I hadn’t completed a resume or cover letter in 5 years and now I’m much more confident applying to jobs in new fields with her guidance. I’ve found out a lot about myself during this process and have already secured a few job interviews! I’m forever grateful for my time with her and am so excited about my new career path.”

—  29 year old adult client, California