Enhancing your life with a coach

As your life coach, I’m going to help you harness your self-awareness through your unique personal strengths, talents, and passions. With me, you will learn how to plan for effective goal setting, planning, and achievement by enhancing your drive and decision-making with abundant confidence. We will also work on your internal emotional intelligence by learning about proper self-care, positive coping, and mindfulness. Life coaching gives you the ability to look inside and understand your personal strengths and weaknesses leading you to a true feeling of peace within yourself.

How my sessions work

My Personal/Life coaching program is for clients & students ages 16+ (teens and young adults), who want to learn and develop proper skills to help themselves improve their stress management, social interactions, and overall performance in their personal life and academic studies. This program includes weekly coaching in a group format (if a group is currently running) or one-on-one coaching sessions with me. Coaching will include an introduction to interpersonal skills, the practice of them with supervision and feedback on progress, in a safe, supportive environment through online video chat. Coaching includes one individual session through an online video meeting room. Students will have access to me through the internet through a computer with a camera and audio connection (tablets and phones can also be used). This is of the utmost that an internet connection is available as all our life coaching sessions will be through online meeting rooms. Because this program occurs virtually via video chat, people can attend from anywhere in the world if they have access to the internet and audio and video capabilities. This means that I am never far from you if you need me.

Life coaches help students determine which changes they want to make in their lives and then help formulate the steps that need to be taken in order to reach these personal goals. It can even involve getting in touch with your spiritual side, although life coaches are not therapists. Life coaches help a client for a long period of time since your goals and plans may change as you reach different chapters in your life, whether it be freshman jitters, senioritis, dropping out concerns, or graduate school woes. The best thing about having me by your side as your support is that not only will I guide you through any obstacles that come your way, but when you achieve your goals, I will be the first to celebrate with you as well!

Additionally, I have additional specific training and expertise in coaching people and/or groups affected by ADHD and/or executive functioning deficits. Therefore, there can be additional focus on working on skill-building, personal goals, and the pragmatic issues of achieving them while living with ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms, if needed.


Not sure if I can help? Need something slightly different? Please contact me or schedule a consultation so we can discuss your unique situation.

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