Founder | Coach | Consultant | Learning Specialist

After about a decade as a school psychologist, I am glad to have found my passion as a Life Coach with an additional specialty in academic skill building. I have pursued this path because I know how painful it can be to feel hopeless and like you’re not in control, especially when the assignments start piling up. In graduate school, I struggled with panic attacks, sadness, and insecurity when trying to complete loads of coursework and balance the freedom and independence of this level of education. At one point, I even flunked out of that graduate program due to stress and lowered grades.

So, I took some time to get serious and nurture myself. I spent hours in research and discussion with others in order to learn appropriate study skills, organization techniques, memory strategies, and how to adopt a growth mindset. The great result was that I now feel confident about learning and attempting almost anything! I also eventually became the top of my class at a different graduate program. I never thought that I would be able to say that back then. So, it is a blessing to now be able to work with one-on-one with students (to give them the type of support I needed back then) while they try to reach their potential goals.

If you are curious about if there is, “ a coach near me?” I am the person for you! I coach clients all over the country via videoconference. Students get to stay in their comfort zone as they create the life they want. I will be your partner in connection with you while you continue to grow, transform, and create solutions that work for you. You can become your own problem-solver through the help of virtual coaching! If a life coach for students sounds like what you seek, let’s talk! My complimentary consultation will help you determine if your needs and my coaching style are a fit.

If you want additional details about my experiences or qualifications, please get in touch through my contact page or visit my LinkedIn page.

**Note: Although the owner has experience as a mental health professional and has also worked in educational settings, in this practice/business, the owner only works as a Coach, Learning Specialist, and Consultant. There may be occasions where it becomes apparent that a client/student may need more assistance than what can be offered as a part of this coaching practice. Additionally, the current employment position of the owner or employees prohibits them from working with students who attend or work at the same school district/school to which they are employed in an educational capacity/role. In these situations, Bright Balance will refer you to a list of professionals including, but not limited to, psychologists, tutors, therapists, learning specialists, consultants, coaches and/or other relevant professionals depending on the student/client's needs.