Hey there, I’m Dr. Jade.

Associate Certified Coach | Board Certified Coach
Associate Certified Coach | Board Certified Coach

I work with frustrated and unsure individuals who are losing faith in themselves. I help them get balanced and unstuck, so they can be brightly confident about their academic, professional, and social lives. My goal is to find ways for you to have a better school-life balance so you can live your dream life of not stressing all the time - while still saving some time for your social life.

You are in the right place.

As your coach, I will help you cut through the confusion and get a structured plan to help you get where you desire your life to be. I will coach you through how you can keep your promises to yourself, strengthen your identity, and follow through. When finished setting up your coaching plan, you will be ready to start living a balanced life. Contact me about my coaching services and I’ll help you achieve your goals!